our vision

The primary vision of HYCP is to form an enlightened force by the sons of the soil to check Islamic aggression in Assam. This force will work round the clock to create awareness among ethnic groups of Assam about demographic aggression of muslims by their multiple marriages and high birth rate policy.HYCP is constantly working against 'love jihad' of muslims and their conspiracy of land acquisition from Hindu people.It is well known to all that from Assam many Muslim youths are going to Bangladesh for arms training and after coming back to Assam they are fighting against local Hindu peoples under the banners of MULTA,MULFA etc.HYCP is fighting against these anti nationalist elements and will be fighting in this regard.Along with Muslims,Christian missionaries also are playing divisive and anti-nationalist role in Assam. Religious conversion and cultural pollution in the name of Education is the main conspiracy of Christian missionaries in our state.Hence we are committed to fight against them.It is mention worthy that the proud of Assam,one horned rhino is now in the verge of extinction.Due to the repeated failure of the forest department of Assam,poachers are killing rhinos one after another.On the other hand a large part of Kaziranga National Park is today under the illegal occupation of Bangladeshi Muslims.Parallaly these Bangladeshi Muslims have already occupied most of the chars or river islands of Assam.HYCP is taking steps to secure and safeguard the rhinos,Kaziranga and river islands of Assam.It is undisputedly true that 'Satras' are the main cultural centers of entire Assamese nation.But most of the lands belonged to 'Satras' are today under the illegal occupation of Bangladeshi Muslims.In spite of the intervention of judiciary and apex court's order both the state and central govts are reluctant to evict those people from satra�s land.HYCP will be working for the preservation of satras and satras land.

The most rough country of today�s world China is constantly poising threat to India in general and Assam as well as North East in particular.In 1962 China directly attacked India through Arunachal and in 1967 through Sikkim.Though in both the incident Indian Army became able to push back enemies.In 2012,the term of 50 years Indo-China peace accord also over.After that China is becoming more aggressive in border.They are showing their resolve to illegally occupy Arunachal after Tibet.China�s hydro-terrorism over Brahmaputra is another matter of concern.But no one in Assam seems to bother with Chinese activities.Only HYCP has been working since 2005 to create awareness among common people against evil design of China.

Now a days,the economy of Assam is under complete control of outsiders.Every field of work is dominated by Bangladeshi Muslims.They have already outplaced the sons of the soil by dint of cheap labour.In such situation to stop this economic aggression of Bangladeshi,local Hindu people have to enter all types of work fields.In this context HYCP has accelerated its effort to create a Hindu work force.This work force will provide all types of skilled laboures in cheaper rate than Bangladeshi Muslim.Finally HYCP is working and will have been working to erase the major weak points of greater Hindu society like cast system,untouchability etc.On the other hand HYCP is pressing the relevant authorities to solve the burning problems of Assam,such as flood,land erosion,underdeveloped infrastructure etc.HYCP is always in favour of pro-people utilization of hydro power potentiality of North East.In this regard HYCP is in favour of crashing the anti people and foreign funded movements and organizations.